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Whether it’s generating fundraising ideas for your sports team, or thinking about charity fundraising in Melbourne for your high school, we are here to help. We understand that coming up with the right plan to raise money for charity, especially for non profit organisations, is exceptionally difficult. Not only do they have to reach their main goal to make money but they also have to be both fun, interesting, and be open to a wider audience.

We’ve been in the business of raising money charities, high schools, and sports teams in Melbourne since 1993, so we know a thing or two about what works. Our professional staff are more than happy to help you come up with fundraising ideas in Melbourne that will perfectly tie in with your nominated cause. With over 500 items crossing over sports and entertainment, we will also have auctionable goods which will be exactly what you are after.

Our fundraising ideas are all unique, and on top of keeping them exciting and interactive for the audience, we can also make sure that the atmosphere will suit the bill, too. All of our charity fundraising ideas, whether they be for non¬profit organisations, high schools, or sporting teams in Melbourne, have seen fantastic results for the cause at hand. If there are any unsold items on the night, you don’t need to worry either, as we can have them returned to us at no hassle to you.

We’re also keen on hearing your own fundraising ideas, if you have something in mind, and working to make sure that your own idea is perfectly presented on the big day. We will be able to develop your charity fundraising to make sure that it delivers on your target and goals, as well as ensuring that the entire event is a huge success and one that will be enjoyed by all who attend.

Next time you’re planning a fundraiser in Melbourne, and want to expand on the planning of it, give our team a call on (03) 9773 5511. We’ll be more than happy to provide advice based on our particular experience, as well as talking to you about any other considerations that you’re taking in the planning of the fundraiser. We can also provide card payment facilities, as well as be there on the night to make sure that the fundraiser runs perfectly.

We have the capacity to generate funds at large or small functions. At a recent charity function held at the Melbourne Aquarium we supplied 30 items which generated a profit of over $18,000 for the nominated charity. A band-signed AC/DC Guitar with a reserve price of $2,200 sold for over $6,000 and many other items sold for double their reserve prices.

If you’re looking to plan and host a fundraising event, it can be difficult to find the best ways to make money. With so many options available, it can be confusing, however below we have listed a few of the best fundraising ideas to easily raise money for your charity.

Some of the more relied upon charity fundraising ideas include:

Fun Runs – A classic method of charity fundraising is a fun run. Not only will it bring the community together, the registration fees are a fantastic way to bring in some extra dollars for your cause. Following the event, you will be able to perhaps run a classic sausage sizzle, bake sale or just sell a few drinks to bring in a few extra dollars. People will get fit, and the charity will make some money. Everybody wins!

Bake Sale – Bake sale’s are another classic fundraising idea. Often held down at the local church or community centre, they are the perfect way for the local community to get together and show their cooking skills. Not only will your charity bring in funds, the community will come together, and enjoy some great food.

Car Boot Sale – We all have a few things lying around the house that we don’t use anymore. A car boot sale is similar to a garage sale, but with the added convenience of having everybody bring their unused items to the same area.

Advertise the sale in the local newspaper, staple some flyers around the neighbourhood and get word of mouth going. Let people turn their trash into other people’s treasure, with some fundraising dollars for the charity.

Memorabilia Auctions – If you’re looking for charity fundraising that will get the crowd excited, the auction and sales of memorabilia is a proven method. It’s always great fun to auction off the items, especially in the popular “blind-bidding” format where people can bid their price without the knowledge of other’s bids. Memorabilia auctions often include items such as sporting, movie and historical memorabilia, and there is usually something there to spark everybody’s interest.

Sports TournamentSports are a great way to bring people together in a fun way, while also raising money for charity. Plan a sports tournament, and have people register to play, with the donations going to the charity.

Much like a fun run, you will be able to sell some food and drinks afterward, bringing in some extra funds to your cause.

Sausage Sizzle – If you’re looking for one of the more traditional way of Australian fundraising, a sausage sizzle is the way to go. Not only are they a great way to raise money for your charity, they can also be set up basically anywhere. Place your barbecue down at the local football ground, outside the supermarket or at the community centre, you’ll be able to raise funds at any location.

There are an endless amount of charity fundraising ideas, and here at Celebrity Publishing we have our own fantastic way to bring in money for your charity fundraising.

Give us a call today on (03) 9773 5511, and let’s have a chat about a charity fundraising idea that can work for you.

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