Jan 2017
41 Simple But Effective School Fundraising Ideas
Funds is a critical part of any project be it for its development or sustenance. When it comes to school fundraising, it becomes even more critical. Everything from renovation, new construction, general maintenance, buying new supplies for a particular class, school or library comes , all depends on funds raised by the school during an academic year.It could look like a tough part of the job for an education institution to dive into this. Setting financial targets for each academic year can set achievable targets makes such appeal for funds simpler and fun . This way the staff and the sch...
Jan 2017
31 charity fundraising ideas that work
Being philanthropic may sound easy work but requires a lot of creativity too. Coming up with a ‘wow‘ charity fundraising idea is not that natural for everyone. That ‘s the time to get some help. Below listed are a few ideas for you to have a quick run through.1. Birthday and Christmas card sales It is as simple as it sounds. Sourcing cards should not be difficult if you check out a few op-shops in your area and contact a greeting card/ novelty store for a box of donations. This sets you rolling to put up a stall and make the most of the festive season or round the clock celebrations...